A tiny cocktail bar, hidden in the heart of Southsea.

Right next door to The Fat Fox, through the bright blue door and up the spiral staircase, there's a tiny bar that offers something completely different to anything else in Southsea.

A variety of cocktails made from the finest alcohols, each one made by hand and given as much love and effort as a finely crafted cocktail requires.

Vodka fan? Gin fan? Whisky fan? There's a cocktail for you.

A range of fruit and soft drink based cocktails are available, as well as classics like a Tom Collins. Our range of mojitos is legendary, each one offering a different twist on an alcoholic classic. We've also got a number of dessert cocktails for the sweet tooth in all of us, as well as a number of unique shots and bombs for something a bit different to the usual offerings.

Have a look at our menu here and see if anything takes your fancy!

The Atrium is open every night except Sunday, 7:30pm until midnight, and is always free entry.